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organisation and leadership development

Organisation Development

We also offer development programmes for whole organisations, as well as teams, leaders and other groups.

A centre-piece of this work is our ICF-accredited professional coaching programme, aimed at both people who coach as a profession and those who wish to bring an integral way of developing others to their leadership.

We also design and implement organisation development and team development programmes which focus on the development of the relationships, commitments and conversations that shape an organisation or team’s identity, relationships, trust and purpose.

Our contribution to the work of organisations and teams includes:

  • research and diagnostic-based work, in which we help organisations to make sense of their culture, purpose, and way of working;
  • participative research, in which we work closely with people in organisations to help both learning and transformational change take place;
  • team coaching, in which we coach both individuals and the whole team;
  • learner-centred team and leadership development programmes;
  • thirdspace conversation events, retreats and days… an opportunity to speak differently together: to reflect, inquire and explore what is most important.

There is a strong self-managed learning emphasis to our programmes so that every group member becomes co-learner, co-researcher, and teacher to themselves and others. We think this is a more significant and transformational an approach to development than traditional courses and training, because it allows what is particular about the people developing together, and their situation, to be the centre of the work.

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