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one-to-one coaching

Professional coaching is designed to help people address what is most important in a way that leaves them more competent, more fulfilled and more skilful in facing future challenges and opportunities.

It can make an enormous contribution to people in organisations and in the rest of life, providing a profound opportunity to become significantly more effective, to stay present in difficult circumstances, and to deepen engagement with the world and with work.

How our approach is different…

Coaching is becoming increasingly common in both businesses and professions. But in a society captivated by the lure of the superficial quick-fix, we think it is particularly important that our work is something very different from the pop-psychology, positive-thinking or simple rooting for clients’ goals that often passes for coaching.

For this reason, we draw upon the work of thinkers and practitioners who have sought to understand deeply what it is to be human, as well as taking into account what is particular about living and working in the early twenty-first century. You can find out more about our influences on our bookshelf.

We are committed to integral, developmental coaching that is rigorous in its standards, yet flexible enough to suit individual people and circumstances. The work is at once practical and profound, accessible and stretching, and highly participative.

It’s a terrifically exciting and rewarding undertaking.

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