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our work

Our work

Our work helps our clients step into what is next for them, and to respond skilfully to the challenges and opportunities of work and life.

What we’re talking about here is lasting, sustainable development, which requires the skilled, rigorous, compassionate support our coaches can provide. It also benefits enormously from safe space in which to step away from the routine and pressure of minute-to-minute and day-to-day responsibilities. We created thirdspace precisely for this purpose.

Our name was inspired by Ray Oldenberg’s observation in his book “The Great Good Place” that everyone can benefit from a ‘third place’ from which it is possible to see in new ways the relationships, actions and assumptions that shape their work and lives. Our coaching and development work helps to create space in which it becomes possible to see the world through fresh eyes, so that new constellations of relationship and action become possible and sustainable.

A ‘third space’ for us can be a real place and we often choose to work in inspiring locations. It can also be conceptual, a space for learning woven into the daily fabric of individual lives and the life of organisations.