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free coaching as a guest client: details

Half day or Full day? Similarities and Differences

To assist you in selecting whether to choose a half day or a full day, we have summarized the similarities and differences between these two options.


  • You receive coaching at no charge from a student in our Professional Coaching Course. The student is learning our methodology and practicing it with you. Our students tend to be professionals with significant work and life experience. In many cases, coaching is their second or even third career.
  • You select the coaching topic and we match you with a student who will coach you. We ask you to tell us about your topic before we connect you with a coach so that we can make the best match. In 99% of the cases, the topics that guest clients pick are within the range of our coaches.
  • You have two conversations with your coach: an initial one where you describe your coaching topic, they ask questions, and they get to know you. In the second conversation, they share with you what they observed and offer you a new way of thinking about your situation. In between, there is a pause when they are digesting and reflecting, and you are on your own.
  • We ask you to make a firm commitment to being there since your participation is vital to the success of the day.


  • In the full day, your coach is 3/4 of the way through their programme. In the half day, they are on their final weekend; indeed, this is part of their certification process.
  • In the half day, we pair you several weeks in advance, since this is for certification. To do this, we do a brief (10-minute) interview by telephone about your coaching issue. In the full day, we pair you with a coach on the day of the event.
  • In the full day, both of your conversations with your coach are just between you and them. No one else is observing. Often you’ll meet in a cafe or some other public place. In the half day, while your first conversation is just between the two of you, your second conversation takes place in front of a certification committee and 5-10 of your coach’s classmates. This conversation is videotaped for the coach’s learning purposes.
  • You spend more time with your coach during the full day, and the pace is more relaxed than during the half day.
  • Your coach during the half day is further along in the programme.
  • During the full day, you listen to twenty other guest clients describe their topic and see the course leader interact with them. If you are considering applying for the Professional Coaching Course, the full day gives you more exposure to what it feels like to be in the programme.
  • Because the half day is for certification, it is especially important to us that you make a commitment to being there and honor that commitment. If you do need to cancel, we ask that you let us know as soon as you know so we can find a substitute.

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