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Getting started

coach training getting oriented

Our introductory events are a wonderful way to find out more about our distinctive approach to professional coaching. We frequently run coaching roundtables, hour-long introductory teleconferences, and offer opportunities for free coaching from students on our year long Professional Coaching Course.

Free Introductory Calls with our Faculty

One way to get to know us better, and to get a feel for our approach to coaching and our way of teaching it, is to join one of our free introductory calls.

Hosted each time by a different member of our faculty, the calls are informal and we focus each time on the topics that are most of interest to those who are participating in the call.

You can see all the details of upcoming calls, and recordings of completed calls, here.

Coaching Roundtables

Four times a year we host day-long Coaching Roundtable events on Sundays in London, to which everyone is welcome.

In the morning we run parallel sessions, one for those new to Integral Development Coaching and one for graduates of our programmes.

After a lunch break, we bring both groups together in an enlivening exploration on the special topic of the day. You’ll learn new things about yourself and coaching through group exercises and conversation, and you’ll have the opportunity to talk to graduates and faculty about our variety of coaching courses.

You can see all the details here

Free Coaching as a Guest Client

Throughout the year there are opportunities to join us as a guest coaching client, and experience being coached by one of the students on our Professional Coaching Course. It’s a great way to experience an integral approach ‘from the inside’, as well as supporting our students in their development as coaches.

There are both full-day and half-day opportunities.

You can see all the details and sign up here

Contact us to find out more

All of our contact details are here.

Drop us a line – we’ll gladly call you back to talk about any aspect of our programmes or our work with individuals and organisations.