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coach training overview

coach training overview

“As interest in coaching grows, I think James Flaherty’s book will come to stand out as a definitive work.” Peter Senge on Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others

Programmes in coaching in the UK

Our integral programmes in professional coaching are offered in partnership with New Ventures West and include foundation programmes and the ICF-accredited Professional Coaching Course (PCC). They join programmes already established in Cape Town, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Ottawa and Singapore.

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An integral approach to coaching

Our approach to coaching is a powerful way of working with people that aims to make a profound contribution to individuals, organisations and society. Our coaches become skilled at working with clients in a way which frees them up to bring their intentions into their work and wider life with dignity, humanity and skilfulness.

Taking an integral approach to coaching calls upon coaches to support their clients in ongoing inquiry and in ongoing practice. It allows coaching to include everything about the client and the client’s world, including how they represent themselves, their social world, habits, relationship with the body, quality of self-care, the amount of attention and energy available to take on change, and much more. It draws on deep philosophical roots as well as biology, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, spirituality and more, providing many avenues of insight and practice.

Getting started

We run many free-to-attend coaching events throughout the year. They’re a way of getting oriented to this work, and having an experience of it ‘from the inside’.

For more in-depth learning, we run two- and three-day foundation programmes and the Professional Coaching Course ‘PCC’, a seventeen day ICF-accredited programme in four modules that takes place across a calendar year.

Contact us to find out more

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Drop us a line – we’ll gladly call you back to talk about any aspect of our programmes or our work with individuals and organisations.