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Aletheia: the power of unfolding what is

Aletheia Coaching is an emerging “next generation” micro-developmental approach to coaching founded on the realization that, in a profound way, nothing is missing. An Aletheia coach helps their client unfold and express who they already are - their love, compassion, courage, strength, joy, creativity, freedom and many other essential resources.

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Coaching to Excellence

An introduction to the principles and methods of integral development coaching with hands-on experience that is applicable to your work and your broader life. Through exercises, demonstrations, and simulations, you'll explore what it takes to bring about long-term excellence in others.

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Facilitating Coaching Circles

In this workshop three-day workshop run by Charles Brassard, you will gain first hand experience in the nature & dynamics of coaching circles. You will participate in dialogues & practice being a member & a facilitator of a circle. You will work on your own project or challenge (being a client) & support others in their respective projects through collaborative inquiry & coaching.

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