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Janeena Sims

Janeena Sims, PCC

Neena is a co-owner of thirdspace, a certified Integral Development Coach, and a faculty member on our coaching programmes. She has been practicing as a coach, consultant and facilitator for twenty years. One of her great delights is designing programs that bring diverse (sometimes disruptive!) experiences to the world of corporate learning. You will often find her working alongside dancers, qi gong practitioners, artists, actors, voice coaches, drama therapists, musicians and mindfulness practitioners. She studied Literature and Theatre Arts at Bristol University and spent several years acting and directing in a variety of productions across the UK.

Neena lives in a village in the east of England containing one church, a river and two pubs. She shares her life there with her husband, their three children and Willow the dog. Preoccupations include travelling, walking, reading, eating her husband’s delicious cooking and trying not to bore friends with tales of her children’s wonderfulness.