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About Us

Founding Faculty

Justin Wise, PCC – Founder

Justin is the founder of thirdspace, a certified Integral Development Coach, and a faculty member on our coaching programmes. As well as his involvement in all of thirdspace‘s programmes, he is a Senior Faculty member at New Ventures West, in partnership with whom we offer both Coaching to Excellence and the Professional Coaching Course.

Justin views coaching and organisation development as vital disciplines in the creation of sustainable, ethical communities, organisations and societies. He is a graduate of the MSc in People and Organisation Development at the Roffey Park Institute and holds postgraduate degrees from both Cambridge University and University College London. Before taking up coaching as a profession he co-founded a software house that developed motion graphics technology for the TV and film industries. Justin’s life-long involvement with learning, teaching and development found early expression in London’s Jewish community, where he is a respected and sought-after educator and leader.

Justin is fascinated by philosophy, music, science, art, theatre and poetry. He shares his life in London with his wife Davina and their three children.

Justin writes daily at You can read more about him here.

Janeena Sims, PCC

Neena is a co-owner of thirdspace, a certified Integral Development Coach, and a faculty member on our coaching programmes. She has been practicing as a coach, consultant and facilitator for twenty years. One of her great delights is designing programs that bring diverse (and sometimes disruptive) experiences to the world of organisational learning. She often works alongside dancers, qi gong practitioners, artists, actors, voice coaches, drama therapists, musicians and mindfulness practitioners. She studied Literature and Theatre Arts at Bristol University and spent several years acting and directing in a variety of productions across the UK.

Neena lives in a village in the east of England containing one church, a river and two pubs. She shares her life there with her husband, their three children and Willow the dog. Preoccupations include travelling, walking, reading, eating her husband’s delicious cooking and trying not to bore friends with tales of her children’s wonderfulness.

Lizzie Winn, PCC

Lizzie is a co-owner of thirdspace, a certified Integral Development Coach, and a faculty member for our year long Professional Coaching Course as well as our introductory Coaching To Excellence courses in the USA and the UK. Her background is in management in the Music Publishing industry.

Lizzie has over 13 years of experience in the creative industries, Human Resources and Organisational Development. She holds a private coaching practice whilst teaching on our programmes and maintaining her commitment to the music world.  One of her passions is the Enneagram (a personality discovery model) and she enjoys being with her extended family and seeking out time to play golf.

Sue Braithwaite, PCC – Director of Course Enrolment

Sue is a co-owner of thirdspace, and a certified Integral Development Coach and facilitator and faculty member on our year long Professional Coaching Course in the UK. She works with thirdspace to support our growing community of graduates and extend the reach and wider understanding of our work.  Sue has over twenty years of experience in general management, global corporate communications and organisational strategy development.  Her original study of Theology at Oxford University laid the ground for her lifelong interest in and exploration of world spiritual traditions and psychological enquiry.

Sue is married to Oliver with whom she lives in Worcestershire and where together they are sometime music festival organisers and eco-house builders.

Amanda Visagie, PCC

Amanda is a co-owner of thirdspace, a certified Integral Development Coach  and faculty member on our year long Professional Coaching Course in the UK, who brings to her work 20 years of experience in Human Resources in the Corporate world, where she discovered her passion for developing people.  She loves working with people and teams in times of change, growth and transition and she grounds her work in this space in the practical experience of corporate life. 

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Cape Town. She was a student on the first Professional Coaching Course we ran in the UK and now serves as faculty on the programme. She lives in South East London with her husband and her lively two young sons, Jack and Tom. She’s always in the midst of planning a holiday and plotting her return to a warmer climate.