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Aletheia: the power of unfolding what is

Offered in partnership with Aletheia Coaching

For the last five years, Steve March has been exploring and teaching a different and complementary possibility for coaching called Aletheia Coaching. Aletheia Coaching is an emerging “next generation” micro-developmental approach to coaching founded on the realization that, in a profound way, nothing is missing. An Aletheia coach helps their client unfold and express who they already are – their love, compassion, courage, strength, joy, creativity, freedom and many other essential resources.

This fully residential class – The power of unfolding what is – Steve offers an introduction to Aletheia meta-psychology and the practice of Aletheia Parts Work, Process Work, and Presence Work – with an emphasis on Parts Work. Explore and learn through experiential exercises, lectures on theory, somatic practices, guided meditations, demonstrations, and your own coaching. You will leave the class with new coaching skills that you can put into practice immediately.

More about Aletheia Coaching

In Aletheia Coaching the offering brings support for being with and working with exactly what is arising in the client’s life in this very moment. Coaching conversations are transformed by this approach into a powerful practice for deepening presence and contact, in both client and coach – unfolding our innate creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness.

As a coach, learning to be with and work with whatever arises in the present moment (both for ourselves and our clients) will profoundly deepen our coaching relationships; we begin to express our unique voices, and increase the confidence we experience in coaching.  Aletheia Coaching is a stand-alone methodology. And, it can also integrate powerfully with Integral Development Coaching, especially in subsequent coaching conversations.

The method of Aletheia Coaching is based on an understanding of the depth of our being and becoming. To say this another way, our life occurs and unfolds through space, time, and depth. In Aletheia, we work with four depths:

Parts – the separate parts of us that are hurt and parts that attempt to protect us from being hurt again
Process – the experiential flow of bodily felt senses and imaginal felt images that give texture and directionality to our unfoldment
Presence/Absence – our innate Wholeness, expressed in a kaleidoscope of qualities such as abundance, acceptance, bliss, care, compassion, creativity, equanimity, generosity, gnosis, humility, integrity, joy, kindness, love, openness, passion, peace, pleasure, sincerity, strength, trust, and much more. This Depth is the source of our profound and innate resourcefulness.
Nonduality – the inherent Unity of the ground of Being and Becoming. This Depth is the source of innate creativity and ultimate freedom.

The methods for micro-development are different at each depth. Therefore, Aletheia Coaching integrates Parts Work, Process Work, Presence Work, and Nondual Work into a seamless integral method that addresses each depth skillfully.

Some of the topics covered in this class are:

  • Distinguishing self-improvement from self-unfoldment
  • How is “micro-development” different from “development?”
  • Holding a heart in your hands – creating a profoundly safe environment for unfolding
  • Practicing the paradox of unfolding through “letting be”
  • Following the golden thread of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that guides us ever deeper
  • Working with strong emotions and reactions
  • Dissolving defenses through radical acceptance, love, and compassion
  • Creating more freedom from the inner critic
  • Working with inner conflict and dilemmas
  • Opening to and including “otherness,” that of others and ourselves
  • Sensitizing and illuminating the body
  • Including embodied and imaginal experience in coaching conversations
  • Esoteric anatomy of the body, heart, and mind through the Four Depths
  • Unfolding the kaleidoscope of Presence
  • Deepening our capacity to be-with anything and everything
  • Cultivating the radiance of self-awareness
  • Unfolding the “more” that everything is
  • Unfolding as a path of individuation


  • Dates: The course takes place over four days, 1-4 March 2018 – fully residential
  • Hours: 9am-6pm
  • Location: Iken Barns, Tunstall Road, Iken, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2EP
  • Cost: £1500 + VAT to include tuition, room and all meals

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