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Coach as Entrepreneur

Steve March from New Ventures West will be joining us in London from November 7-9 2017 to host a powerful workshop on becoming an entrepreneurial coach.

Experience the joy and satisfaction of building a thriving coaching business.

If you are like most coaches, you coach because you feel called to coach. Coaching isn’t just your job; it’s your passion. But in order to do this work that you love, you must also make a living. This requires building a thriving coaching business.

Making a living as a coach takes more than knowing how to coach. It also takes knowing how to be an entrepreneur.

The most surefire approach to building a thriving coaching business is the entrepreneurial approach. Entrepreneurial coaches commit themselves to renew the life of a particular community: their target market. They cultivate a powerful way of listening to the concerns, challenges, and unmet needs of their target market that enables them to see new and unique entrepreneurial opportunities. They bring new approaches, new language, and new practices to help the people in their target market address their concerns, overcome their challenges, and fulfill their needs.

In doing this, they bring new life to their clients.

The Coach as Entrepreneur workshop illuminates what is critical and essential to being successful as an entrepreneurial coach. You will leave the course feeling confident and focused on what you must do to build a thriving coaching business — and with the skills to make it happen.

Respond to your calling in the fullest way you can.
Reach the clients you were meant to serve.
Become an Entrepreneurial Coach.


  • Dates: The course takes place over three days, 7-9 November 2017
  • Hours: 9am-6pm
  • Location: Central London
  • Cost: £1250 + VAT
  • Recertification: This counts for one year’s recertification for certified integral development coaches.

To sign up or find out more

Or to find out more email us at and we will arrange to call you back.